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Where can I get support with my DLA forms?

DLA forms have changed significantly over recent years, and the guidance which now comes with the form was written with input from a number of carers groups. Cerebra produces a very useful guide to completing DLA forms, which can be found on their website. There is also information on disability specific websites such as National Autistic Society, National Deaf Children’s Society and The Downs Syndrome Association and many of these have benefits advisers.

If you need face to face support, the following organisations may be able to help. It is a good idea to contact the organisations in good time, as there are often time limits on when the form needs to be returned.

Hart and Rushmoor

Test Valley

  • Mencap in Andover have one dedicated benefit advisor who helps members with benefit enquiries and will meet with people to help fill out forms etc. The criteria for membership is to have 'learning difficulties' and be within the area they cover, which is roughly Andover.


East Hants

All the CABs in the area (Alton, Petersfield and Whitehill/Borden) can offer appointments to help complete DLA forms and appeals and can provide support in applications. Please use the link directly to their website.

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