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Section: Education

Subsection: Independent advice

Independent Information

Independent Information - Where to go for impartial advice

Getting your head around the whole area of special educational needs can seem like a nightmare, especially where there are so many hoops to jump through. For links to general information on SEN and to see specific Hampshire County Council information please see the SEN/Statementing pages. In this section there are links to organisations that are independent and provide impartial advice. Here are a few to get you started.

Support4Send provides impartial advice, information and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) throughout Hampshire. Follow the link to :

ACE (Advisory Centre for Education) provides free independent advice and information for parents and carers in England and Wales on a range of state education and schooling issues. They have a section on special educational needs with a series of articles covering early years, assessment and annual reviews. Follow the link to :

For parents of children with autism, the National Autistic Society has a good section on education including a good article on bullying. For more information follow the link :

Network 81 is a national network of parents working towards properly resourced education for children with special educational needs. Network 81 offers a National Helpline on all matters relating to Special Educational Needs. Open weekdays 10am to 1pm. Please call : 0845 077 4055

IPSEA is a registered charity offering free and independent advice to parents of children with special educational needs in England and Wales on local authorities’ legal duties to assess and provide for children with special educational needs. IPSEA is a volunteer-based organisation and many of the volunteers providing telephone advice and Tribunal support are themselves parents of children with special educational needs who have been helped by IPSEA. To contact the General Advice Line ring 0800 018 4016 Mon to Friday 10am-4pm, plus Monday to Thursday evenings 7pm-9pm.