Alice Bailey


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Alice Bailey


The book Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey sets out the philosophical basis of the healing work practiced by the INEH.

Alice Bailey was an English woman, born in 1880, who eventually went to live in California where, in 1915, she was introduced to the spiritual teachings of theosophy.

In her book An Unfinished Autobiography, Alice Bailey tells how she was requested to act as a sort of secretary (an amanuensis) to a Tibetan teacher called Djwhal Khul to write a series of 19 books of spiritual philosophy, of which Esoteric Healing is one. This she did over a period of 30 years, plus five books of her own, as well as found a school of esoteric study called the Arcane School.

Alice Bailey died in 1949 but her books are all still in print, published by the Lucis Press. The Arcane School is today a correspondence school and has offices in London, Geneva and New York.